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  1. Tips for the modern boss

    Tips for the modern boss: Take long lunches, go home at four o’clock

    The traditional boss is a doer, but nothing in the typical boss’s ascent has been a preparation for strategic thinking. When doers take on ...
  2. Harald Wilhelm, CFO of German luxury car manufacturer Daimler AG, speaks at the annual results news

    Daimler slims down Mercedes management in efficiency drive

    German cars and trucks maker Daimler said it would revamp the management of its finance, production and development portfolios to remove ...
  3. David Satish Lena

    Creating an inclusive culture in a diverse workforce

    A regional supplies head at HP Inc (Asia-Pacific and Japan), Mr David Tan values and promotes interaction and collaboration among his team members.
  4. man in suit generic

    Commentary: When did wanton self-promotion at work become normal?

    Puffery on social media has normalised bragging at work, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark
  5. man, worker, employee walking carrying a briefcase

    Commentary: Prepare to tell long-serving bosses their time is up

    There comes a time when almost every leader starts to become complacent, says one observer at the Financial Times.
  6. SMRT CEO Neo Kian Hong 2

    Commentary: Replacing the CEO isn’t enough to reboot corporate culture

    When companies are hit by scandals, unforeseen incidences or bad governance, sometimes a new broom is not always the answer, says one observer ...
  7. FILE PHOTO --  Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs holds new iPhone in San Francisco

    Commentary: Why humble narcissists make the most effective leaders

    These sort of leaders win more supporters, make wiser decisions and deliver sustainable performance for a collective good, says one NUS Business ...
  8. man writing office laptop pen paper

    Commentary: The power of negative thinking and chronic unease

    Pessimism and worry help us to avoid mistakes — and can make good business sense, says one observer at the Financial Times.
  9. South Korea office workers

    Commentary: Get rid of middle managers? Do so at your own peril.

    Success rests on what employees know rather than where they sit in the hierarchy, says one observer at the Financial Times.