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  1. Mandarin Gardens en bloc

    Commentary: Behind dashed hopes of Mandarin Gardens en bloc sale, unbridled speculation and wishful thinking

    The promise of a collective sale agreement has artificially pushed up prices in developments, which are not sustainable, say NUS’ Chia Liu Ee and ...
  2. Mandarin Gardens en bloc

    Mandarin Gardens en bloc bid grinds to a halt, after failing to get 80% approval from owners

  3. Mandarin Gardens estate

    Mandarin Gardens owners approve S$2.5 billion price for collective sale agreement

    Developers may have to spend S$4 billion to acquire the property and build a new one.
  4. Mandarin Gardens estate

    Mandarin Gardens set for record en bloc sale with S$2.5 billion asking price

    En bloc fever has reached a new high with an attempt by the owners of Mandarin Gardens to engineer what is set to become Singapore's largest ...