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  1. (rp) Sumon at HealthServe

    The impact of workplace accidents: Victims struggle with debt and changed lives

    As Singapore records a rising trend of workplace deaths and injuries, officials have expressed their concerns over the latest figures. Among ...
  2. A photo taken by Subramaniam Pugalandi, a migrant worker in Singapore, with his wife and son.

    'Just pray, very soon I can get well': Migrant workers from dorms battle on

    Some things have changed — while others have not — since the first foreign-worker dormitories were declared to be isolation areas nearly two weeks ...
  3. A room in the S11 Dormitory @ Punggol (Source: Amin Mohamad Al)

    COVID-19: Battling fear and boredom, migrant workers grapple with isolation in dormitories

    What is it like living in an isolation area? With their phones, migrant workers take CNA Insider into their quarters, and talk about how they have ...
  4. marina square

    Government ramps up reskilling efforts for sectors hardest hit by COVID-19