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  1. Underwater currents, strong winds and even heavy rain add uncertainty to commercial diving jobs.

    For a pay packet, they risk drowning, crocodile attacks and being hit by ships

    They are in one of the world’s most dangerous occupations, but these divers want to do what they love and go to sea, as On The Red Dot discovers.
  2. Rope access professionals do a range of jobs, from cleaning building facades to executing rescues.

    To do their job, they dangle from high-rise buildings by just a rope

    These technicians risk their lives every time they go to work, and go to great lengths to perform tasks few dare to, in places few can reach. On ...
  3. patrick tay

    NTUC's wish-list for Budget 2019: SkillsFuture top-up, more wage help for PMEs, older workers

  4. Japan labour

    Japan's labour shortage hits 45-year high

  5. Singapore is one of the world's most Internet-savvy societies, offering broadband speeds envied

    Enhancements made to Employment Act will see more workers protected

    The new changes will cover an extra 430,000 workers in managerial and executive positions previously not covered under the Employment Act.
  6. Office workers walk to the train station during evening rush hour in the financial district of Sing

    Changes that will extend labour law to PMETs introduced in Parliament

    Among the changes are extending the coverage of Singapore’s main labour law to all workers, regardless of their salary as well as protecting ...
  7. lift teaching facility 2

    Government accepts recommendations for progressive wage model, clearer career pathways for lift industry

    Lift technicians will be the fourth group of workers to come under the progressive wage model (PWM) and will enjoy higher salaries.