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  1. A police officer wears smart glasses that rely on augmented reality

    Home Team to train more tech-skilled officers with new career track

  2. Have smartphone, will share — as seen on TikTok, which is popular among domestic workers right now.

    When mobile phone usage comes between employers and domestic workers

    From sexy selfies to oversharing information online, the way some helpers use their phones is making some employers uneasy. Talking Point finds ...
  3. Josephine Teo Feb 2 (1)

    About 30,000 Chinese work pass holders yet to return from China: Josephine Teo

  4. Toilet bowl

    Commentary: Some companies target toilet breaks to improve productivity. But it’s wrong and won’t work

    Tilting toilets are the latest suggestion to limit time spent on the loo at work, says Nesta's Madeleine Gabriel.