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  1. Ep 10
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    Ep 10: CPC: A Century-Old Revolution

    Will a more powerful China with its brand of authoritarian capitalism be a threat to the international world order?
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    100 Years

    As the Communist Party of China celebrates its 100th anniversary, we reflect on the Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping eras, and the changes the party ...
  3. How a Chinese village preserves Mao’s legacy | Video
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    How a Chinese village preserves Mao’s legacy | Video

    China is set to show off its military might and put on some of its biggest celebrations in Beijing next week, as it marks the 70th anniversary of ...
  4. Reformist leader Deng Xiaoping, who began the process of opening up China to the world, warned

    Commentary: The secret story behind disappearing Deng Xiaoping

    Xi Jinping has adopted many of the policies from Deng Xiaoping's era yet the social contract and vision he has worked out for China is politically ...
  5. China will release its latest economic growth data a day after the Communist Party starts its

    Commentary: Vision of a new era for a strong China reflects domestic priorities, not global ambitions

    At the Chinese Communist Party's 19th Party Congress, Xi Jinping heralded a new era in China's development. One observer examines what this new ...