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  1. ASEAN Series: Weaving resurgence in Marawi | Video
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    ASEAN Series: Weaving resurgence in Marawi | Video

    The weaving tradition sees a revival in war-torn Marawi as a way to earn money and as a distraction from displacement. Aya Lowe reports. 
  2. Conflict-torn Marawi ushers in Eid al-Fitr | Video
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    Conflict-torn Marawi ushers in Eid al-Fitr | Video

    As the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan approaches, those living in the war-torn southern Philippine city of Marawi are striving to keep ...
  3. Marawi PHOTO 1

    COVID-19 adds to frustration of displaced families in battle-scarred Marawi

  4. Marawi rehabilitation: Ground Zero

    A long path to recovery: The rehabilitation of Marawi, one year after deadly siege

    Marawi was besieged on May 23, 2017 by hundreds of local and foreign militia waving black IS flags. Since then, 50,000 families have been allowed ...
  5. Marawi Education: Main Children in makeshift class

    In battle-scarred Marawi, children look to recover lost school year

    The Marawi siege of a year ago stole a year of education and a piece of childhood from young Maranaos. Now they’re finding a way to move forward ...
  6. Asia Default Image

    Answer to Marawi extremism seen as more than just religion

    The Marawi siege is reaching its end. But it is the protracted scars of this conflict, and the city’s role as a centre for religious militant ...
  7. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte won with a landslide victory in the elections last year

    Commentary: The role of the political elite and the ordinary Filipino in constitutional reform

    Constitutional reform is as much an important political pledge that President Rodrigo Duterte should uphold, as it is a necessary step to engage ...