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  1. Black Bags MAIN

    Every woman owns a few black bags – but they don't have to be basic and boring

    Just how many black bags does a girl need? Here are 6 black bags that will stand up to whatever life throws at you.
  2. heartache, heart broken elderly man travelling on the bus

    Commentary: 'A crushing sensation' - decluttering sparks heartache, distress in hoarders

    After experiencing loss, many fill the void in their hearts with stuff, says Dr Kelvin Ng Lin Chieh at the Institute of Mental Health.
  3. The cast of Queer Eye

    Queer Eye cast filming in Japan, possible Marie Kondo crossover

    This all new mini-season is set to premiere later this year following the release of Season 3 of the series.
  4. marie-kondo-facebook

    Commentary: Marie Kondo has taught me I need 21 pairs of jeans

    Marie Kondo's advice to throw everything that doesn't spark joy out is unnerving, says Financial Times' Jo Ellison.
  5. Marie Kondo commentary header

    Commentary: If you don’t learn to love tidying up, Marie Kondo can’t save you

    Just as you wouldn’t need a doctor to tell you to take a shower, no cleaning guru (or Netflix show) should have to tell you to keep your home tidy.