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  1. Marina Bay Floating Platform

    Call for ideas for redevelopment of Marina Bay floating platform

  2. Charlie Lim live NDP 2018

    NDP 2018: 'We Are Singapore' back as theme song, but with a twist

  3. Marina Bay Floating Platform

    Marina Bay floating platform to be redeveloped to serve as primary venue for National Day Parade

    It will be renamed NS Square as part of efforts to pay tribute to National Servicemen past and present.
  4. ndp 2017 - fireworks

    NDP 2018 to be held at Marina Bay Floating Platform again: Ng Eng Hen

    "Nothing in the world compares" to the National Day Parade at the platform, the Defence Minister said in a speech.
  5. ndp 2017 parade organisers and participants

    What to look out for at National Day Parade 2017

  6. New Content Item

    NDP 2017 to be held at Marina Bay Floating Platform: Ng Eng Hen

    Next year's National Day Parade will be held at the Floating Platform at Marina Bay, Minister for Defence Ng Eng Hen announced on Thursday (Aug 18).