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  1. The China-Pakistan Friendship Highway is a crown jewel of China's One Belt, One Road (OBOR)

    One Belt, One Trap? A debate over who benefits from China's new silk road

    Questions are being asked about how, and whether, China can deliver the benefits of its multi-trillion-dollar initiative to connect a region with ...
  2. New Content Item

    Singapore has consistently abided by 'One China policy': DPM Teo

    Singapore and China have a common interest in building a peaceful and growing region, and this is 'much greater than any occasional differences of ...
  3. MSR Bandar Canal2

    World's largest underground city at KL terminal to be 'gem' on China's rail corridor

    Bandar Malaysia will be “a glittering gem" on rail masterplan linking China and Southeast Asia with East, West and South Asia, China Rail official ...
  4. MSR durian farmers

    Durian farmers suffer, even as Chinese investments bring jobs to Kuantan

    Bauxite mining has caused serious environmental damage affecting rivers, air quality and the durian harvest.
  5. Silk Road guangdong protest

    As economy flags, labour protests multiply across China

    In hotbed Guangdong especially, unpaid wages leave many angry and in the lurch, activists tell The Maritime Silk Road.
  6. silk road morse

    Feeling the impact of China’s ambition, on the Maritime Silk Road

    A new documentary series starting Oct 18 examines the effect of China’s One Belt One Road policy on countries from Southeast Asia to Africa and ...