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  1. A screen displays the Dow Jones Industrial Average after the close of trading on the floor of the N

    Commentary: Why investors who are ‘buying the dip’ are taking a big risk

    The uncertain and inherently volatile cocktail brought upon by the pandemic makes the market more unpredictable than investors expect, says an ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: The logos of Amazon Apple Facebook and Google

    Commentary: Investing in markets? Why future gains lie in tech stocks

    Despite tech stocks tumbling on Wall Street in recent weeks, OCBC’s Vasu Menon says investors with a good risk appetite would do well to hold onto ...
  3. stock markets file photo

    Five things to know before investing in the stock market rally

    Think you can turn S$10,000 into S$100,000 in two years? Want to invest half your salary in equities, like one financial blogger does? The experts ...
  4. In a Covid-19 landscape, some people have had more time and flexibility to trade.

    Unable to resist a bargain, more Singaporeans turn to stock market amid COVID-19

    Retail investors are taking a chance on equities for several reasons, despite the woes on Main Street. And they have helped to drive the market rally.
  5. Hong Kong Skyline

    Commentary: China's tensions could boost Hong Kong's stock exchange

    HKEX’s next chief will have to manage a tricky relationship with Beijing, says the Financial Times’ Henny Sender.
  6. Crowds appear to thin at wet markets after NEA releases peak hour timings | Video
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    Crowds appear to thin at wet markets after NEA releases peak hour timings | Video

    The situation at wet markets - considered by authorities to be hotspots for crowds - now appears to be more manageable. The National Environment ...