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  1. A Hong Kong couple after their wedding in Australia on 11/11/11

    Commentary: Getting married in an era of consumerism

    Marriage registration fees may have gone up but they are not nearly as much as what couples spend on their wedding. Terence Heng discusses what ...
  2. children playing generic

    Commentary: As a father of four, I wished I had my kids earlier, says 'The Perfect Father' blogger

    While having children comes with heavy responsibilities and a lot of pain, father of four Steven Teo reveals why he wished he had them earlier.
  3. Shabudin yahya

    Rape remarks were taken out of context: Malaysian MP

    Barisan Nasional MP Shabudin Yahaya says he rejected a motion to ban child marriages as it was contrary to provisions in sharia law.
  4. composite_Hid_FOF

    Five on Friday: 5 celebs who would break the most hearts if they got married

    In our regular end-of-the-week look at what's happening in pop culture, Hidayah Salamat looks at who else might be eligible, now that Rain is taken.
  5. Indonesian suicide bomber nanny Singapore

    Indonesian would-be suicide bomber worked in Singapore as nanny: Report

    Dian Yuli Novi said she also worked in Taiwan and admitted that while she was working overseas, she was exposed to material on radical Islam on ...
  6. Turkey child sex protest

    Turkey withdraws child sex bill after protests

    Critics had said the bill - which would allow the release from jail of sex assault convicts if they marry their victims - would legitimise rape of ...
  7. Asia Default Image

    India eases cash rules for weddings

    The shock move last week, which saw 85 per cent of the cash in circulation suddenly withdrawn, has led to huge queues forming outside banks as ...
  8. Nancy O'Dell

    'I'm saddened': Married woman Trump talked about in leaked video responds

    Television personality Nancy O'Dell said she was "saddened" that Donald Trump's comments about her in a leaked audio recording "exist in our ...
  9. Keith Vaz, UK Labour Party MP

    British MP resigns over male prostitute scandal

    Keith Vaz from the opposition Labour Party, a married father of two and one of the first British Asian ministers, was recorded paying two escorts ...