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  1. A Long March rocket lifts off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Xichang in China's

    China eyes July 20-25 launch for Mars rover

    China's first Mars rover should launch later this month, authorities said Wednesday, as the country races to catch up with the US dominance of space.
  2. FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Donald Trump looks at Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison dur

    Australia to help Trump reach the moon, and beyond

    Australia will invest AUS$150 million (US$101 million) in its companies and technology to help U.S. President Donald Trump's bid for a moon ...
  3. 76th Venice Film Festival - Screening of the film "Ad Astra" in competition - Red Carpet

    Who calls the tunes in space, Brad Pitt asks NASA astronaut 

    Brad Pitt traded laughs on Monday in a call to the International Space Station with a NASA astronaut, who somersaulted during the zero-gravity ...
  4. Comet C/2019 Q4 is imaged by the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

    Newfound comet likely an 'interstellar visitor,' scientists say

    A newly discovered comet hurtling towards the orbit of Mars has scientists scurrying to confirm whether it came from outside the solar system, a ...
  5. Rolling Stones No Filter U.S. Tour

    Rockin 'n' rollin on Mars: Rolling Stones have space rock named after them

    The Rolling Stones have rocked stages around the world in their more than 50-year career. But now their influence has gone into space after NASA's ...
  6. U.S. President Trump participates in Apollo 11 50th anniversary event at the White House in Washing

    Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin complains about current US lunar ability

    When President Donald Trump asked Buzz Aldrin, the second human ever to walk on the moon, what he thought about the United States' current ability ...
  7. FILE PHOTO:  Tourists take pictures of a NASA sign at the Kennedy Space Center visitors complex in

    Explainer: NASA aims to build on moon as a way station for Mars

    Unlike the Apollo programme that put astronauts on the moon 50 years ago, NASA is gearing up for a long term presence on Earth's satellite that ...
  8. Mars InSight rover

    NASA's InSight lander 'hears' wind on Mars

    Humans can now hear the haunting, low rumble of wind on Mars for the first time, after NASA's InSight lander captured vibrations from the breeze ...