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  1. A team of international forensic experts exhumed a mass grave of victims of El Salvador's

    Forensic experts exhume remains of victims of El Salvador's civil war

    An international team of forensic experts on Wednesday exhumed the remains of 11 people killed by soldiers during the infamous El Mozote massacre ...
  2. Papua New Guinea dead bodies lined up on a road in Hela province Jul 9 2019

    Papua New Guinea troops secure scene of brutal highlands massacre

  3. Radovan Karadzic

    Karadzic's sentence for Bosnia war crimes increased to life

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    A day after a massacre, Vegas is not quite Vegas

  5. Donald Trump (2)

    After Las Vegas massacre, Trump silent on gun control

  6. New Content Item

    Top Trump adviser in new 'alternative facts' flap

    A top adviser to President Donald Trump found herself embroiled in a new "alternative facts" controversy Friday (Feb 3) over her unfounded claim ...