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  1. singapore students

    Math paper mix-up: O-Level grades of affected students better or similar to prelim results

    The 73 Secondary 5 candidates from Woodgrove and Ahmad Ibrahim secondary schools did not have to re-sit the exam, after it was discovered that the ...
  2. New Content Item

    Singapore students top global ranking in reading, maths and science

    This is Singapore's best performance in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).
  3. primary student

    Singapore students top global ranking in maths and science

    The study assessed Primary 4 and Secondary 2 pupils in 64 education systems. It found that students in Singapore had a strong mastery in both ...
  4. Luke Aikins skydiver

    Skydiver becomes first to land without parachute

    American Luke Aikins leapt into the void at 25,000 feet on Saturday (Jul 30) with no parachute or wingsuit, becoming the first skydiver to land ...
  5. Asia Default Image

    Hindu temple volunteer hacked to death in Bangladesh: Police

    Police said no group claimed responsibility for the attack, but it bore hallmarks of recent murders of religious minorities by suspected homegrown ...