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    Iran parliament passes measures against funding terrorism

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    Key US inflation index slows in October

  3. Catalan president greets protesters

    How is Spain taking control of Catalan powers?

    Spain announced drastic measures on Saturday to stop Catalan leaders from pressing ahead with independence, moving to dismiss the region's ...
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    Key US inflation measure sees modest July gain

  5. Tap water (1)

    Singapore consumer watchdog to monitor water price profiteering

    The Consumers Association of Singapore will also step up education efforts to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions, says Minister of ...
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    Parliament to discuss tighter security for large-scale events, sentences for sexual offences

    Also up for debate is a Bill which seeks to criminalise the act of obtaining hacking tools to commit a crime or using personal data that was ...
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    Commentary: The next cyberattack could come from sound waves

    Using sound waves to disrupt sensor functions is just one of a growing number of "side-channel" attacks which could affect our electronic devices.
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    Malaysia's central bank sees economy, exports growing faster in 2017

    Malaysia's central bank said on Thursday (Mar 23) it expects economic growth to pick up in 2017 for the first time in three years, but suggested ...
  9. Tap water (1)

    Many welcome Budget 2017 measures, but against water price hike: REACH

    Overall, 52 per cent of Singaporeans polled said they supported the measures, but nearly four in 10 were unhappy about the increase in water ...
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    SGX told to enhance recovery process following trading disruption last year

    SGX will contribute S$1.5 million to co-fund the costs that may be incurred by brokerage firms in implementing measures to strengthen its ...