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  1. Brazil beef

    Russia bans pork, beef imports from Brazil

  2. Corn

    Genetically modified corn to contain amino acids found in meat

  3. Australia hanging cow

    Hanging cow at Australia restaurant sparks controversy

  4. Monkey meat Indonesia

    Indonesia's 'selfie monkey' threatened by hunger for its meat

    The animal, whose scientific name is Macaca nigra, face a range of threats from poachers to the destruction of their habitat.
  5. Asia Default Image

    Hong Kong recalls suspect Brazilian meat

    The city, which is the biggest market for Brazilian beef, already issued a ban on all meat imports from the country earlier this week.
  6. Export bans hit Brazil's meat industry after scandal

    'Worst is over' for Brazil's meat scandal: Minister

    Just under a week since police announced they had discovered meatpacking companies bribing corrupt inspectors to certify tainted meat, Brazil's ...
  7. New Content Item

    Brazil meat scandal: Affected processing plants not approved to export to Singapore, says AVA

    In a statement issued to the media, AVA says it is monitoring the situation "closely" and has been liaising with Brazilian authorities to get more ...
  8. New Content Item

    Brazil meat scandal: Tainted meat not exported to Singapore, says ambassador

    "Brazil is a huge country and among the thousands of meat production units, only three plants have been closed," says Flavio Damico, Brazil's ...
  9. composite_Hid_FOF

    Five on Friday: 5 celebs who would break the most hearts if they got married

    In our regular end-of-the-week look at what's happening in pop culture, Hidayah Salamat looks at who else might be eligible, now that Rain is taken.
  10. Halal 1

    Formal halal certification on the menu in Cambodia

    Cambodia will aim to entice more Muslim tourists to the country by formalising halal certifications for restaurants and food producers.