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  1. FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: The Huawei logo is seen at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain

    China's Huawei in unprecedented media blitz as it battles heightened scrutiny

    China's Huawei has launched an unprecedented public relations blitz, thrusting its low-key founder in front of international media as the telecoms ...
  2. In 2016, more than 100 pro-Donald Trump websites were being run from one town in Macedonia.

    Meet the fake news trolls who influenced US and Indonesian polls for money

    They have popped up in election campaigns from the United States to Malaysia to Indonesia. A small town in Europe was even dubbed the world's fake ...
  3. file photo phone woman 2

    Commentary: Multitasking between devices associated with poorer attention and memory

    Some heavy media multitaskers even exhibited structural brain differences compared to those who did little of such multitasking, says one ...
  4. The conflict in eastern Ukraine has claimed over 10,000 lives.

    How fake news fanned the flames of war in Ukraine

    Before Mr Donald Trump deployed the term, and before Russian trolls tried to influence the 2016 US elections, the problem of fake news began in ...
  5. States Times Review Facebook image

    States Times Review founder says will 'shut down' website

  6. Xinhua AI news anchor

    Chinese state media debut 'AI' news anchors