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  1. Remdesivir is an experimental medication produced by the US laboratory Gilead Sciences

    US buys up COVID-19 drug, as some countries say well-stocked

    Britain and Germany said Wednesday they had sufficient stocks of remdesivir, the first drug to be shown to be relatively effective in treating ...
  2. A pharmacist displays an ampoule of Dexamethasone at the Erasme Hospital amid the coronavirus disea

    Show me the data: US doctors sceptical of reported COVID-19 breakthrough

    The report on Tuesday of a powerful treatment for the new coronavirus brought skepticism along with optimism among U.S. doctors, who said the ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Small bottles labeled with a "Vaccine COVID-19" sticker and a medical syringe

    Italy, Germany, France and Netherlands sign contract with Astrazeneca for COVID vaccine

    Italy, Germany, France and the Netherlands have signed a contract with Astrazeneca to supply European citizens with a vaccine against the ...
  4. FILE PHOTO:  The spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in London

    Commentary: Can catching coronavirus increase your chances of getting a stroke?

    It is puzzling why fit and healthy COVID-19 patients have suffered acute strokes, say observers.
  5. More than 100 labs around the world are scrambling to come up with a vaccine

    Commentary: Infecting volunteers with COVID-19 may speed up vaccine development

    The idea of intentionally infecting people in the quest for a vaccine is not alien to medical research, says Anjana Ahuja.
  6. fauci raoult

    Commentary: COVID-19 treatment researchers should be cooperating not trash-talking each other

    No fair test of the two top contending treatments chloroquine and remdesivir has been conducted yet, says an observer.
  7. A computer image created by Nexu Science Communication together with Trinity College in Dublin, sho

    EMA warns against malaria drugs' side effects in COVID-19 use

    The European Union's drug regulator warned again on Thursday against using two older malaria drugs to treat COVID-19, caused by the novel ...