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  1. Silent Retreat

    How to regain clarity and focus – by not talking to anyone for a day

    For one writer, a digital detox – by means of a silent retreat – turned out to be the antidote to the strangeness of living in these dystopian times.
  2. NYT illustration for meditating

    Not just mantras: Meditation can also be done to hip-hop music and apps

    The world is stressful. That's especially true right now. Here are strategies to take just a few minutes every day to calm your mind and check in ...
  3. The GedAze Project Singapore Art Museum

    Singapore Art Museum launches online film screenings, meditation sessions

    With its new #MuseumFromHome programme, the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) is making its exhibitions, art collection and programmes accessible online ...
  4. Slow Living

    In an age of social distancing, here's how to appreciate the joys of slow living

    In these unprecedented times when countries are on lockdown and anxiety levels are spiking from having to practice social distancing, take a cue ...
  5. How meditation can improve your travels hero

    How meditation and mindfulness can make your vacations more enjoyable

    Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, making it a useful tool for those who find travelling taxing. Here are a few ways it can ...
  6. Elle Default pix

    5 simple ways to feel happier in life

    A calmer you is just around the corner.