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  1. Peranakan dishes Melaka

    Melaka's Peranakan chefs spill secrets on what keeps tourists coming

    Two chefs running thriving restaurants in Melaka’s city centre reveal how they modernise Peranakan recipes to cater to tourists while maintaining ...
  2. Begpackers Jonker Street

    'Please help fund my trip': Begpackers linger at Melaka's Jonker Street despite ban

    Foreigners selling handmade items at Melaka’s famous tourist district have been warned by authorities, but some have persisted in order to fund ...
  3. Liyana WWF

    Where to lay my eggs? Endangered hawksbill turtles face shrinking nesting grounds in Melaka

    Tourist activities and land reclamation projects have made it hard for the endangered hawksbill turtle to nest along the coastline facing the ...