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  1. close up of a good looking man

    Instantly handsome: Extremely simple, low-effort grooming tips for lazy men

    From fixing greasy hair to to hiding that zit, here are six effective ways to look and feel your best even when you "don't have time".
  2. A man masking his face

    Trouble with razor burn and acne, guys? Facial masks are an easy solution

    Face masks aren’t just for ladies. Here are the best ones designed for men – because that wrinkly “distinguished” look is just another way of ...
  3. Men's skin conditions and the best products to treat them

    Saving face: Men, these products will solve your most pressing skin problems

    A man’s skin is just as susceptible to the ravages of time and the environment as a woman’s skin is, although the problems he’ll face may differ ...
  4. Where to get manicures and pedicures for men in Singapore

    Gentlemen, here’s why you should invest in manicures and pedicures

    The mark of a truly well-spruced gent lies in the finer details, and one of the most important out of them is a set of perfectly groomed nails.