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  1. Elvin Ng's makeup artist answers common grooming questions for men HERO

    5 grooming hacks for guys: Elvin Ng’s makeup artist on receding hairlines and more

    From shiny face to angry pimple, Lolent Lee offers easy-to-follow beauty tips for blokes in need.
  2. Tiffany & Co men's engagement rings

    Gentlemen, there are diamond engagement rings that actually look cool to wear

    Tiffany & Co has debuted The Charles Tiffany Setting, a collection of diamond engagement rings meant for the groom-to-be.
  3. Mens: Shoulders HERO

    Guys, it's all in the shoulders: Tips on how to make your clothes fit right

    You can have all the nice suits and shirts but how you pull it off depends a lot on your shoulders. Here’s a breakdown on how to go from sloppy to ...
  4. Couple holding hands walking

    Guys, there’s a male version of menopause – and it could begin in your 40s

    Mood swings, weight gain, erectile dysfunction and even man boobs could be signs you’re in the middle of andropause. CNA Lifestyle finds out more.
  5. Louis Vuitton skyscraper jackets

    Menswear takes a dramatic turn with Dior’s ceremonial garb, Vuitton’s skyscraper jackets

    While designers at Milan Men's Fashion Week opted for comfort and tactility, in Paris, it was all about drama for some of the biggest names in luxury.
  6. Mens receding hairline HERO

    How guys can deal with receding hairlines: The best hairstyles to stay handsome

    Shaving it all off is, of course, an option. But you could also consider the “sidecomb”, a buzz cut or even… a perm?
  7. Mens underwear according to body type HERO

    Boxers or briefs, gentlemen? How to choose the right underwear for your body type

    Yes, guys, what you wear could affect how you look or feel throughout the day. We’ve compiled a simple guide on the pros and cons, depending if ...
  8. Adam Brown (Orlebar Brown)

    An ex-photographer’s surprising journey to create resort wear for James Bond

    CNA Luxury speaks to Adam Brown, founder of British swimwear label Orlebar Brown, on how his mid-life epiphany on the ugliness of men’s swim ...
  9. Milan Digital Fashion Week

    Why are fashion brands still staging physical shows, despite the risk of COVID-19?

    It was supposed to be Milan Digital Fashion Week, but designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Etro couldn’t wait to get back on the catwalk. There was ...
  10. Boy de Chanel HERO

    Gentlemen, put your best face forward – sans dark eye circles or dull skin

    Need to make an impression for an important business meeting, or for a date? Zap away signs of fatigue and other imperfections with Chanel’s new ...