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  1. Elvin Ng's makeup artist answers common grooming questions for men HERO

    5 grooming hacks for guys: Elvin Ng’s makeup artist on receding hairlines and more

    From shiny face to angry pimple, Lolent Lee offers easy-to-follow beauty tips for blokes in need.
  2. Tiffany & Co men's engagement rings

    Gentlemen, there are diamond engagement rings that actually look cool to wear

    Tiffany & Co has debuted The Charles Tiffany Setting, a collection of diamond engagement rings meant for the groom-to-be.

    Which are the perpetual calendars that ruled this year’s Watches & Wonders?

    One broke a world record and another has three patents pending – watchmakers this year are using the king of calendar complications to remind us ...
  4. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona new dial

    Swiss watchmaker Rolex refreshes all-time favourite timepieces with new dials

    The Datejust 36 and the Cosmograph Daytona just got a whole lot more fun.
  5. Bespoke tailors in Singapore

    In Singapore, are corporate executives still ordering tailor-made suits?

    Bespoke tailors observe that executives have been eschewing formal business suits for more casual, comfortable cuts, but the return to office and ...
  6. Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref 5711/1A-014

    Patek Philippe 2021: Meet the new Nautilus replacing your beloved Ref 5711

    The reign of the world’s most sought after watch is finally over, but the sendoff party isn’t half bad.
  7. Beauty myth: Men age slower? MEN & WOMEN

    Ageing skin, fine lines, facial wrinkles: Do men really fare better than women?

    Is it all about gender perceptions or is there a scientific basis to how fast or slow one’s skin ages? CNA Lifestyle gets the lowdown from a ...
  8. Hermes H08 Philippe Delhotal

    Why the creator of Hermes' new men's watch thinks we need whimsy in our lives

    The pandemic has altered the notion of time and we need objects that transport us to another dimension, says Philippe Delhotal, artistic director ...
  9. Patek Philippe ref 2523 in GWAXIII hero

    This ultra-rare Patek Philippe timepiece could fetch US$4m at auction

    The coveted timepiece, described as an “end game” watch for collectors, is one of only three Ref 2523 watches that feature a map of the Eurasian ...
  10. OMEGA Seamaster 300 Bronze Gold

    Omega now has a bronze vintage-inspired watch for people who hate bronze

    For watch enthusiasts who don’t care for patina-ravaged bronze watch cases, Omega hears you.