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  1. Margaret Trudeau, mother of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, attends a state dinner at the W

    Margaret Trudeau, mother of Canada PM, treated for smoke inhalation: CBC

    Canadian author and mental health advocate Margaret Trudeau, mother of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is in hospital suffering from smoke ...
  2. Make stress work for you

    Stressed out over COVID-19? Here’s how to make stress work in your favour

    Trying to utilise our stress during this scary time might sound overly optimistic or even unfeasible. But failing to embrace our stress only ...
  3. Woman wears a face mask in  Singapore

    Commentary: Four things to help bring the best out of us this circuit breaker period

    We can find meaning in being home again, says former Nominated Member of Parliament Shiao-Yin Kuik, who was recently quarantined.
  4. man work from home

    Commentary: Putting in 50 hours while WFH, it’s a struggle to draw the line between work and home

    While we have focused on taking care of our physical health this coronavirus outbreak, we may have neglected our mental well-being, says IMH’s ...
  5. A simulated individual counselling session. (Photo: We Care Community Services)

    ‘Not the same on Zoom’: For recovering addicts, why safe distancing could spell a relapse

    From traumatic flashbacks, to the overpowering urge for another hit, addicts share why they’re feeling the effects of physical isolation more than ...
  6. Early retirement planning

    Anxiety, lethargy, loneliness: When early retirement doesn’t live up to expectations

    Planning to retire in your 40s? Be sure to factor in psychological planning to stay engaged and bolster your mental health.
  7. elderly man senior citizen file photo singapore

    COVID-19: Ensuring the elderly don't become isolated during the outbreak

    Seniors like Madam Koh, who has been living alone for more than a decade, are having fewer social interactions as the COVID-19 situation persists.
  8. While frontline workers have borne the brunt of the mental stress caused by the virus, many others

    Commentary: Working together towards a zero-suicide Singapore

    A goal of zero suicides seems implausible to achieve, but it’s about challenging myths and making resources accessible, says Nominated Member of ...