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  1. Walmart texas shooting suspect

    Commentary: Linking mental illness to gun violence is problematic

    Only up to 4 per cent of violent acts in a given year in the US are committed by people diagnosed with commonly cited mental illness of ...
  2. video games

    Do video games, mental illness drive US massacres?

  3. Ng Say Tiong

    Justice, mercy and a long road to recovery: An in-depth look at criminals with mental illness in Singapore

    Accused people with mental illness are given special treatment in Singapore's legal system, but how exactly does the court decide the extent of ...
  4. Students at the The Wills Memorial Building, part of the University of Bristol

    Britain wakes up to student mental health plight

  5. Depression in a coner

    Commentary: No marks, scars or bruises but anxiety more debilitating than some illnesses

    People with anxiety disorders often are afraid to voice their thoughts and assume the worse, says one observer.
  6. (ct) homeless ben 12

    He's 35 and homeless: Eight years of destitute living

    Born to a well-off family, he made a bad choice that led down a path of regrets. Now every day is a struggle to climb back out of his destitute ...
  7. mental health first aid

    Electronic platform teaching mental health first aid launched

    “The earlier we spot the problems, the easier it is for the person to avoid the situation from getting worse, and the easier it is for the person ...
  8. mother baby

    Commentary: Honour the honest presentation of motherhood

    From confinement to returning to work, it doesn't become easier for a new mother, says KK Women's and Children's Hospital's Dr Helen Chen.
  9. Haresh Sharma

    'Artists are not criminals': Haresh Sharma reflects on 30 years as a playwright

    Veteran playwright Haresh Sharma looks back at 30 years of The Necessary Stage.
  10. Chopstick screenshot

    Mental patient kills 3 with chopstick in Chinese hospital: Reports

    Surveillance footage shows the man identified as schizophrenia patient Yang Shitou breaking free of his restraints before picking up a chopstick ...