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  1. FILE PHOTO: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service handout shows the Yukon River in Alaska

    Mercury released by permafrost thaw puts Yukon River fish at risk: Study

    If carbon emissions continue at current rates, so much mercury will leach from thawing permafrost that fish in the Yukon River could become ...
  2. An advisory on Goree cosmeticsÕ website notifying consumers about how to spot counterfeits purchase

    Skin whitening creams remain online despite mercury findings

    Skin-whitening creams identified as containing potentially dangerous levels of mercury continue to be sold online more than seven months after a ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Flames and steam rise from the Suncoke Jewell cokemaking plant, which burns coal to mak

    EPA ignores health benefits of coal rule it plans to weaken: economists

    A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposal to weaken a rule on coal plant pollution fails to consider billions of dollars in health benefits ...
  4. Mercury contamination scare sparks panic, exodus in Vietnam | Video
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    Mercury contamination scare sparks panic, exodus in Vietnam | Video

    Thousands of people have fled their homes in central Hanoi after mercury was released into the environment in a fire that destroyed a light bulb ...