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  1. FILE PHOTO: Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps arrives at the 2017 Kids Choice Sport Awards in Los Ange

    USOC must do more to help retiring athletes - Phelps

    American swimmer Michael Phelps says the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) should do more to help Olympians transitioning into retirement, saying they ...
  2. Swimming: U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Swimming

    Olympics: Phelps says US swim team can thrive without him in Tokyo

    Michael Phelps will not be tempted out of retirement to compete at the 2020 Tokyo Games but the most decorated Olympian of all time is optimistic ...
  3. Dressel medley

    Swimming: Dressel wins seventh world gold in men's 4x100m medley

  4. Schooling Hazard

    Blues fan Schooling talks favourites, football and food with Chelsea's Hazard

    Singapore Olympic champion Joseph Schooling took on one of his favourite footballers, Eden Hazard, in a lighthearted interview posted by Chelsea ...
  5. Erasmus Ang

    SEA Games debutant Erasmus Ang taps on tech to fulfill sporting dreams

    With the "Swim Analysis Trolley", it allowed the 16-year-old to find out if he was using expending too much energy.
  6. Schooling Chelsea Hazard

    Chelsea can expect 'roaring welcome' in Singapore: Schooling

    The die-hard Blues fan was given a special welcome by Chelsea Football Club on his first visit to Stamford Bridge.