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  1. Virtual Primary Care

    Employers, insurers push to make virtual visits regular care

    Make telemedicine your first choice for most doctor visits. That’s the message some US employers and insurers are sending with a new wave of care ...
  2. Seniors receive COVID-19 vaccinations in Detroit

    More therapeutics but no surge in COVID-19 vaccine for Michigan, Biden administration says

    The White House said on Monday (Apr 12) it was prepared to send additional therapeutic treatments to the state of Michigan, which is experiencing ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: A 2021 Ford F-150 pickup truck at the Rouge Complex in Dearborn, Michigan

    Ford idles F-150 truck plant through Sunday due to global chip shortage

    Ford Motor Co said on Thursday it will idle production of its highly profitable F-150 pickup truck at a plant in Michigan through Sunday due to ...
  4. Virus Outbreak Pfizer Vaccine

    COVID-19 vaccine shipments begin in historic US effort

    The first trucks carrying a COVID-19 vaccine for widespread use in the United States pulled out of a Michigan manufacturing facility on Sunday ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: An activist opposing the Enbridge Line 3 oil pipeline dangles from a steel structure er

    Pipe dreams leave US energy firms caught in climate trap

    In remote northern Michigan a propane shortage in early 2014 caused prices to nearly double, squeezing about half of the families there who rely ...
  6. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani

    Trump's election power play: Persuade Republican legislators to do what US voters did not

    President Donald Trump's strategy for retaining power despite losing the U.S. election is focused increasingly on persuading Republican ...
  7. US President Donald Trump

    Trump campaign sues Michigan to prevent certification of Biden win

    Donald Trump's presidential campaign on Wednesday sued Michigan to block the U.S. state from certifying last week's election results, where the ...
  8. FILE PHOTO: 2020 U.S. presidential election in Washington D.C.

    Trump lawsuits unlikely to impact outcome of US election, but might slow defeat: Experts

    President Donald Trump called in his lawyers to shore up his dimming re-election prospects, but legal experts said the flurry of lawsuits had ...