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  1. Freegans01

    Singapore's 'freegans' find treasure in trash

  2. Manila Philippines financial district economy

    Commentary: A booming real estate market in the Philippines reveals its diaspora's purchasing power

    Overseas Filipinos have become purveyors of a new ultra-modern lifestyle that is rapidly being introduced to every corner of the Philippines, says ...
  3. home visits Marlene (in grey)

    ‘Just like us’: Singaporeans open hearts and homes to migrant workers

    Eight families inspired to invite migrant workers over for a meal, after a CNA Insider series, discover a new level of appreciation for their guests.
  4. (ry) nick tai and shaokot 1

    'It's a blessing': Why a millennial 'towkay' fasted with his Muslim migrant workers

    He has a degree in business and finance. But to get to know his family's construction business better, he lived among their foreign employees to ...
  5. Kadir and Mateen

    'We need to take the first step': Giving migrant workers a taste of home away from home this Ramadan

    They have helped to build Singapore’s flats and offices, but Kadir and his friends from Bangladesh had never set foot in an HDB home - until now, ...
  6. (ry) Kadir praying

    'My heart cries': Muslim migrant workers ache for family, but find support from bosses this Ramadan

    At the Paya Lebar Quarter construction site where these men work, extra measures are taken to safeguard their well-being. But nothing can shield ...
  7. Singapore migrant workers (play)

    After poems, Singapore’s migrant workers try their hand at doing a play

    At this year’s edition of the Migrant Worker Poetry Competition, a handful of migrant workers from the Philippines, Indonesia and Bangladesh have ...