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  1. A fighter of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces loads an ammunition belt at a position in the

    Syria force locked in battle with IS militants in holdout village

    US-backed forces battled Islamic State group fighters Saturday as the holdout militants clung to the last dregs of their crumbling "caliphate" in ...
  2. A member of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces carries a wounded comrade on his back in the

    Islamic State suicide bombers attack crowds fleeing last redoubt

    US-backed forces consolidated their positions around the Islamic State group's last redoubt in eastern Syria Friday as the country's devastating ...
  3. Members of two Pakistani militant groups accused of attacks on Indian soil were targeted in the

    Pakistan escalates militant crackdown after Kashmir attacks

    Pakistan has detained more than 100 suspected militants, the country's interior ministry said Thursday, amid an ongoing crackdown on extremist ...
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    Islamic State says it attacked soldiers, captured Christian in Sinai

  5. Relative of a Palestinian Hamas militant reacts at a hospital in the central Gaza Strip

    Israeli shelling kills Hamas militant after soldier hurt on Gaza border

    An Israeli tank fired into the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, killing a Hamas militant in what the army described as retaliation for the wounding of a ...
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    Eastern Libyan force says it killed senior al Qaeda operative

  7. Afghan policemen arrive at the site of an attack in Kabul

    Militants storm government building in Afghan capital, take hostages

    Militants stormed a government building in Afghanistan's capital Kabul on Monday, taking civilians hostage as they fought a gun battle against ...