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  1. Nathaniel Phua

    How this 30-year-old CEO went from being a fashion marketeer to a waste management advocate

    From rubbing shoulders with celebrities and models at local fashion festivals to handling soldier fly larvae that consume food waste, Ento ...
  2. Secretlab co-founder Ian Ang

    ‘I was definitely not a good student’: Secretlab co-founder Ian Ang

    Despite a subpar performance in school and being a university dropout, Ian Ang, 28, went on to co-found gaming chair company Secretlab and was ...
  3. Stanley James Ng

    How this millennial lawyer is shaking up Singapore's Chinese clan association scene

    Stanley Ng, the 35-year-old secretary-general of Huang Clan Association's youth committee, is credited for reviving youth interest in the clan. To ...
  4. graduation economy

    Commentary: Amid economic uncertainty, Singapore’s millennials face a disrupted narrative

    The Class of 2019 will graduate at a time of economic uncertainty, with ripple effects for students in higher education, says Ng Chia Wee.
  5. New Content Item

    Commentary: Few millennials in US are home owners

    Millennial home ownership levels are lower than the those of previous generations at a similar age, researcher Jimmie Lenz at the University of ...
  6. shopping mall

    Commentary: Consumerism is hitting a crisis - millennials staying away from shops

    People are buying less and are increasingly interested in experiences instead, Brendan Canavan from the University of Huddersfield says.
  7. young people shoes

    Commentary: Stop talking about the millennials already

    The label is overused, growing old, and creates tensions, says Financial Times' Gillian Tett.
  8. New Content Item

    Commentary: Young Singaporean business owners are more independent than their international peers

    Looking at young millennial business owners makes me optimistic about Singapore’s future, says one HSBC observer.
  9. ren ci volunteer fairprice

    Commentary: Is charity becoming more about me? That’s not always a bad thing

    With the rise of platforms allowing people to donate time, money and effort whenever they want, is this creating a “me first” attitude towards ...