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  1. shopping mall

    Commentary: Consumerism is hitting a crisis - millennials staying away from shops

    People are buying less and are increasingly interested in experiences instead, Brendan Canavan from the University of Huddersfield says.
  2. young people shoes

    Commentary: Stop talking about the millennials already

    The label is overused, growing old, and creates tensions, says Financial Times' Gillian Tett.
  3. Start-up 2

    Commentary: Young Singaporean business owners are more independent than their international peers

    Looking at young millennial business owners makes me optimistic about Singapore’s future, says one HSBC observer.
  4. New Content Item

    Commentary: Is charity becoming more about me? That’s not always a bad thing

    With the rise of platforms allowing people to donate time, money and effort whenever they want, is this creating a “me first” attitude towards ...
  5. Crowds in Apple Orchard Road

    Commentary: The millennial, the biggest customer Singapore retail cannot ignore

    E-commerce has been cited as a key challenge to Singapore’s retail sector. But the biggest challenge of them all is demographic, argues Sulian ...
  6. New Content Item

    Five on Friday: 5 things to do during March school holidays

    If you are worried about how you or your kids will get through the school holidays, Diane Leow has suggestions of things you can do - without ...
  7. New Content Item

    Singapore's TFR dips slightly to 1.20 last year

    “This is partly the result of a demographic transition: we have a relatively large cohort of young Singaporeans that now enter into their peak ...
  8. big bed room

    Ascott launches new brand targeted at millennial travellers

    Unveiling its newest brand, Lyf, Ascott said its properties are designed for and managed by millennials, to cater to growing demand.