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  1. Generation Gap - Part 3: Savings
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    Generation Gap - Part 3: Savings

    Baby boomers will remember that saving used to mean taking the money that’s leftover after expenses and put it in a bank to earn interest. Then ...
  2. Generation Gap - Part 2: Spending Habits
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    Generation Gap - Part 2: Spending Habits

    Different generations have different attitudes towards spending. A recent survey showed that 60% of millennials are more inclined to spend freely ...
  3. Social media influencer and theatre actor Munah Bagharib. Photo: Aik Chen

    Netflix and chill, literally: Confessions of a TV and movies on-demand addict

    Streaming shows and movies via over-the-top (OTT) video and entertainment services is the way to go for these millennials. In partnership with ...
  4. hipster man

    Commentary: In defence of hipsters

    If we seriously believed that these trendsetters ruin things, we would not imitate them so consistently, says the Financial Times' Janan Ganesh.
  5. Indonesia’s presidential candidates turn to holograms to reach out to supporters | Video
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    Indonesia’s presidential candidates turn to holograms to reach out to supporters | Video

    Indonesia’s presidential candidates are turning to holograms to reach out to their supporters. Their main target is the country’s 80 million ...
  6. Millennial candidates collage indonesia

    Standing up to be counted: The millennial election candidates looking to shake up Indonesian politics

    Millennial candidates seeking to be elected into Indonesia’s House of Representatives have gained a massive following on social media and are ...
  7. Angry Millennials will save the planet Hero

    According to a Dutch professor, angry millennials will save our planet

    Psychology professor Mark van Vugt of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam says that it’s these angry millennials that politicians should pay ...

    Turn it down! Millennials' music habit puts their hearing at risk: UN

    A generation of music-lovers are damaging their hearing with audio players that do not limit dangerously high noise levels, the U.N. health agency ...
  9. Parental burnout 1

    Commentary: Millennials, the burnout generation

    Work for the millennial is becoming more difficult and complex, and building resilience is no answer, says Rajvinder Samra at The Open University.