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  1. Marawi rehabilitation: Ground Zero

    A long path to recovery: The rehabilitation of Marawi, one year after deadly siege

    Marawi was besieged on May 23, 2017 by hundreds of local and foreign militia waving black IS flags. Since then, 50,000 families have been allowed ...
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    A rocky road to peace in the southern Philippines: Pressures on the MILF leadership

    In the final part of a special series on the changing security situation in the southern Philippines, Channel NewsAsia's Amy Chew looks at the ...
  3. MILF leader 1

    Islamic State's grip widening in southern Philippines, says MILF leader

    In the second of a three-part series looking at the changing security situation in the Southern Philippines, Channel NewsAsia's Amy Chew speaks to ...
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    Commentary: Extraordinary Rodrigo Duterte will now face ordinary pressures

    Much focus has been cast on the peculiarities of the Filipino’s presidency. But he may face his greatest challenge to date, says the ISEAS-Yusof ...
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    Commentary: Has the war in Marawi killed the Philippines peace process?

    The quiet allure of the Mautes amid the Moro Islamic Liberation Front's edgy relationship with the president is changing power dynamics among ...