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  1. Zaqy Mohamad observes Spic and Span

    Government launches work group to look into wages, welfare of low-wage workers

  2. Martin Seah works at the cashier at a McDonald's restaurant outlet in Singapore

    Commentary: Singapore’s poorest earners will benefit from expansion of Progressive Wage Model but some conditions must be met

    These include a reduction in low-wage foreign labour, a continuation of wage subsidies and expanded social protections, say Linda Lim and Irene YH Ng.
  3. Aziman Tohid SembWaste ngith shift captain (2)

    IN FOCUS: The wage debate – how to lift the salaries of those earning the least?

    As Singapore moves to implement the Progressive Wage Model in more sectors, CNA takes an in-depth look at how the model has benefited some workers ...
  4. Workers' Party MP Jamus Lim in Parliament on Sep 3

    Tharman, PAP MPs debate minimum wage, policymaking with WP's Jamus Lim