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  1. access medical

    10 Access Medical clinics suspended from CHAS participation

  2. dumex affected batch

    Babies at KKH, NUH may have been given recalled batch of Dumex Mamil Gold: MOH

  3. Syringe

    Unvaccinated foreign travellers may be denied entry to Singapore under proposed changes to law

  4. War on Diabetes

    ‘Drink water’ campaign, healthy cooking programme among Government’s plans to fight diabetes

  5. (na)Woodlands Care Home

    MOH-run nursing home in Woodlands pioneering new models of care

    The Home Enablement and Autonomous Living (HEAL) programme aims to enable residents to live independently. 
  6. Toddler runs through Chiulo Hospital in Cunene province

    Drug shortages cripple Angola's health service

    Apart from a few packs of medicine and plastic jars, the shelves at the Okanautoni health center in southern Angola are bare and lack basic drugs ...