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    Commentary: The painful collision between work life and pregnancy loss

    Employees who have suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth are more likely to quit their jobs and suffer from impaired work performance. Pregnancy ...
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    Commentary: Miscarriages affect 1 in 6 pregnancies - but is rarely caused by anything the mother did

    There is increasing advocacy for research into the causes, prevention and management of miscarriages, but there remains a long way to go, says two ...
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    Commentary: Miscarriage is devastating yet no one at work wants to talk about it

    An inclusive and supportive workplace that prioritises staff's well-being would help, management experts Ilaria Boncori and Charlotte Smith say.
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    Commentary: Finding the words to the silent grief of a pregnancy loss

    Rather than just offering sympathy or support, asking after the baby can help families deal with grief, say three observers.