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  1. Donald Trump and Mitt Romney

    Romney attacks Trump, saying he causes dismay around the world

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    Trump to name ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state: Reports

    Tillerson, 64, has driven Exxon's expansion in Russia for decades and opposed U.S. sanctions imposed on Russia for its seizure of Crimea.
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    ExxonMobil CEO is Trump's top pick for secretary of state: Reports

    ExxonMobil President and CEO Rex Tillerson is President-elect Donald Trump's likely pick for secretary of state, US media reported Saturday (Dec ...
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    Trump meets on cabinet appointments

    Trump will have "a very full slate of meetings" as he looks to finalise key positions, senior aide Kellyanne Conway said Sunday.
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    Trump looks to Obamacare critic Tom Price to overhaul healthcare

    Republican Representative Tom Price, an orthopedic surgeon from Georgia, will be Trump's Health and Human Services secretary, and consultant Seema ...
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    Experts debunk Trump claim of mass vote fraud

    Experts and elected officials on Monday dismissed Donald Trump's claim that "millions" of Americans voted illegally on Election Day, as the Green ...
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    Exploding the poor white myth of Trump's rise to power

    A look at the different demographics in the biggest political upset in American politics for generations.
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    George W Bush votes 'none of the above' in US election

    Bush had previously signaled that he intended to sit out the race, after his younger brother Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, was ...
  9. (US Elex) Dixville Notch

    New Hampshire hamlet gets US Election Day rolling

    Dixville Notch has had the honor of launching the voting, symbolically, since 1960.