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  1. Our Tampines Hub hawker

    Commentary: Hawkers want to embrace cashless payments but say they need help tackling barriers

    Hawkers face four kinds of barrier to adopting cashless payments; government initiatives should focus on targeting a few, say two SUSS observers.
  2. NETS Pay Mobile wallet

    Singapore payments provider NETS to roll out mobile wallet by end-2017

    The NETS Pay mobile wallet will allow those too young to own a credit card, or who do not wish to own one, to add their NETS ATM cards to their ...
  3. shop keeper holding phone for qr code

    Cashless in China: An experiment with mobile payments for a day

  4. New Content Item

    New service PayNow to allow interbank transfers using mobile phone numbers

    A new funds transfer service will allow customers to transfer funds between bank accounts using a mobile phone number.
  5. India digital wallet payment

    Commentary: The surprising resilience of cash transactions

    Digital payments may be on the rise but reliance on cash remains strong. The future will be "less cash" rather than cashless, argues Tufts ...