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  1. A statement by Buckingham Palace, issued on behalf of Queen Elizabeth, is seen after its release in

    Saddened Queen Elizabeth will address Harry and Meghan's racism accusation

    Queen Elizabeth said on Tuesday the British royals were saddened by the challenging experiences of her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan ...
  2. Thailand King

    Thai court acquits 80-year-old writer of defaming monarchy

    Thai court acquits 80-year-old writer of defaming monarchy
  3. Insight FY2021 ep 34
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    Ep 34: Thailand: The New Fault Line

    Following the arrests of scores of protest leaders on sedition charges, can the fight for greater democracy in Thailand be sustained?
  4. Thai anti-government protesters from the LGBT community hold a pride parade in Bangkok

    Thai LGBT and anti-government protesters join in Pride Parade

    More than 1,000 members of Thailand's LGBT community and anti-government protesters joined in a Pride Parade on Saturday to call for equal rights ...
  5. Thailand Protests

    Thai king and queen take to street to meet adoring royalists

    Thai king and queen take to street to meet adoring royalists
  6. People show the three-fingered salute during a protest, in Bangkok

    Commentary: Will anxious Thai protesters wait for a new constitution?

    The protesters’ second demand for a new and genuinely democratic constitution is being partially met, albeit within the tedious parliamentary ...
  7. Anti-government protesters and students attend a demonstration in Bangkok

    Thailand tells universities to stop students' calls for monarchy reform

    Thai authorities have summoned the heads of universities to tell them to stop students demanding reform of the monarchy, warning that such calls ...
  8. Thai right-wing group "Thai Pakdee" (Loyal Thai) rally in support of the government and t

    Thai royalists rally to support monarchy amid calls for reforms

    About 1,200 Thai royalists gathered on Sunday to support the monarchy after almost daily student-led, anti-government protests calling for change, ...