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  1. stock mother 01

    Commentary: How much does age matter in starting a family?

    An older parent can also bring stability into the equation, plus a certain wisdom that is accumulated through diverse life experiences, says mum ...
  2. baby sleeping

    Commentary: Quit telling women breastfeeding is an optional lifestyle choice

    People need to recognise that breastfeeding is a bodily function than a lifestyle choice, says Amy Brown, professor at Swansea University.
  3. Mother and baby hand

    Commentary: What postnatal depression really feels like

    Assumptions and expectations of motherhood are leaving many new mothers with deteriorating mental health, researchers from Queen's University ...
  4. reflection of sad woman crying in front of mirror

    Commentary: Miscarriage is devastating yet no one at work wants to talk about it

    An inclusive and supportive workplace that prioritises staff's well-being would help, management experts Ilaria Boncori and Charlotte Smith say.
  5. newborn, baby hands

    Commentary: The year of trials and tribulations, as the parent of a newborn

    It will be normal to feel lost and helpless at multiple points, so give yourself permission to feel those things, says mother June Yong.
  6. Teaching kids to create, not consume, through upcycling

    Commentary: Turning trash into treasure - teaching kids to create, not consume, through upcycling

    Children's book author Sophia Huang found that upcycling has taught her children and her to have a certain mindfulness about the environment.
  7. christmas gifts,presents

    Commentary: This festive season, parents should exercise self-control in giving

    To let our children appreciate what they have, we should exercise self-control in our giving, says one mother of three.
  8. A baby asleep in a cot.

    Commentary: Stop telling mothers who struggle to breastfeed to give formula

    Breastfeeding is good for mothers' well-being, but those who struggle need support, not judgment or advice, says one child health expert.
  9. pregnancy kit test positive

    Commentary: Why an extreme fear of pregnancy and childbirth plague some women

    While anxiety and worry around birth is normal and expected, some women can experience severe and overwhelming fear, say three observers from ...
  10. Two children playing in a playground

    Commentary: Want more babies? Help couples build stronger marriages first

    Wanting Singapore families to have more kids requires going beyond dishing out monetary bonuses to helping couples become better partners for ...