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  1. A baby asleep in a cot.

    Commentary: Stop telling mothers who struggle to breastfeed to give formula

    Breastfeeding is good for mothers' well-being, but those who struggle need support, not judgment or advice, says one child health expert.
  2. pregnancy kit test positive

    Commentary: Why an extreme fear of pregnancy and childbirth plague some women

    While anxiety and worry around birth is normal and expected, some women can experience severe and overwhelming fear, say three observers from ...
  3. Two children playing in a playground

    Commentary: Want more babies? Help couples build stronger marriages first

    Wanting Singapore families to have more kids requires going beyond dishing out monetary bonuses to helping couples become better partners for ...
  4. flowers valentine's day

    Commentary: Mothers, give yourself the best gift this Mother’s Day

    Surely mothers deserve more than an annual token celebration before we all return to reality, says one observer.
  5. post natal depression mother

    6 ways to spot postnatal depression

    What starts as baby blues in new mums can deteriorate into severe depression. Look out for these tell-tale signs.
  6. TP breast milk 1

    More mothers offering their breast milk online, but is it safe?

    The health risk of sharing this unscreened, unregulated human milk outweighs perceived benefits, say experts. The programme Talking Point ...