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  1. FLY Entertainment artiste Jaime Teo makes sure she exercises six days a week. Photo: Alvin Teo

    How these #fitspos kick-started their active lifestyles and never looked back

    Having enjoyed the perks of being trim and toned, Jaime Teo and Norbin Ngoh now want others to follow in their footsteps, exercise regularly and ...
  2. Period calendar

    Commentary: How to stick to your New Year's resolution past February

    Self-control would make sticking to your resolution easier, but overdoing it might make you more likely to give up.
  3. A man talks on the phone as he surfs the internet on his laptop at a local coffee shop in downtown

    Commentary: Stuck in a pointless job, many employees are tuning out

    But it doesn’t have to be that way because leaders can get rid of redundant roles, automate processes and boost their staff’s motivation, say two ...
  4. resolutions goals motivation mountains lose weight

    Commentary: Will you keep your New Year’s resolutions? Easier said than done

    Hastily kept and rarely seen through, New Year’s resolutions can be tricky. One psychology expert from the National University of Singapore shares ...