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  1. Audi e-tron Vision GT_mod

    A Gran Turismo ride and the future of cars at Audi Brand Experience Singapore 2018

    The five-day event at Marina Bay Sands will feature some of the German brand’s best concept cars, and offer a glimpse into its innovations in ...
  2. porsche 70th anniversary bangkok sportscar together taycan (11)_mod

    Celebrating 70 years with 250 Porsche cars over one weekend in Bangkok

    A contingent of 911s, the classic 959 Paris-Dakar rally car and a sneak peek at the upcoming electric Taycan. CNA Lifestyle lived the motoring ...
  3. New Content Item

    COE premiums close mixed in latest bidding exercise

  4. Porsche 911 car

    Porsche could build flying taxis, says sales chief

    Volkswagen's sports car maker Porsche could develop a flying passenger vehicle to compete with rivals in a possible market for urban air taxis and ...
  5. New Content Item

    LTA cuts vehicle growth rate to zero

  6. file photo road tax disc

    Road tax discs to be phased out from February next year

    Motorists can continue to check, as well as print out proof of the validity of their road tax, via the One.Motoring website, the Land Transport ...
  7. stock open air carpark

    43 vehicle recall exercises for defective airbags since 2013: LTA

    The recalls involve eight vehicle makes and about 130,000 air bag inflators, the authority said.
  8. Lornie Road traffic

    Used cars becoming more popular: Car dealers

    They say many motorists are opting to purchase six- to nine-year-old cars to tide them over, as they hope for COE prices to fall, in anticipation ...
  9. Top Gear Leblanc

    'Friends' star Matt LeBlanc to join BBC's 'Top Gear'

    The American actor, who achieved global fame as Joey Tribbiani in Friends, will be the first non-British host of the show, the BBC said on Thursday.