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  1. man slapping lady for not wearing headscarf

    Malaysian man slaps woman for not wearing headscarf: Reports

  2. Benjamin Netanyahu

    Netanyahu 'not impressed' by Muslim leaders' Jerusalem statements

  3. New Content Item

    Trump pilloried for retweeting anti-Muslim videos

  4. Asia Default Image

    Myanmar takes first step towards calming communal hatred

  5. Asia Default Image

    Bangladeshi Muslim religious group call to arm Rohingya

  6. Bangladesh border guards with Rohingya refugees

    Nine dead as Red Cross Rohingya aid truck crashes in Bangladesh

  7. Smoke billowing from Rakhine

    Myanmar insists to UN that situation in Rakhine is improving

  8. Bangladesh Rohingya flood

    Bangladesh army steps up as Rohingya suffer heavy rain

    Bangladesh's army was ordered on Wednesday to take a bigger role helping hundreds of thousands of Rohingya who have fled violence in Myanmar, amid ...
  9. Myanmar soldiers checkpoint

    Global split over Rohingya crisis as China backs Myanmar crackdown