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  1. Voting begins India

    Modi favourite as India's incredible election begins

  2. A biopic of India's president Narendra Modi will be released Thursday, despite the legal

    India goes on high security alert ahead of mega polls

    India went on high security alert Wednesday ahead of the start of its marathon election, after a campaign dominated by Prime Minister Narendra ...
  3. CNA Lifestyle

    Bollywood plays starring role in Modi's re-election bid

  4. The opposition Congress has slammed the timing of the biopic's release, as hundreds of millions

    India's top court dismisses petition against Modi film

    India's top court Tuesday dismissed an appeal to delay the release of a Bollywood biopic about Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the opposition ...
  5. Indian National Congress party president Rahul Gandhi addresses supporters at an event to unveil the

    Rahul Gandhi: Destiny's child or an 'empty suit'?

    Rahul Gandhi, vying to become the latest prime minister from India's most famous dynasty, has worked hard to shed his image as an entitled ...
  6. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it easier for foreign firms to do business in India, and

    India's Modi eyes win in world's biggest election

    India starts a mega-election on Thursday with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his formidable campaign machine taking on not one but two Gandhis ...