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  1. Nathan Hartono China debut

    Nathan Hartono to release Mandarin single in China on Feb 7

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    Commentary: What's wrong with 'Made in Singapore'?

    Why do we only support local brands and stars after they make it overseas? Channel NewsAsia's Bharati Jagdish suggests Singaporeans need to ...
  3. Forbidden City Great Wall musicals

    From Forbidden City to the Great Wall, Singapore musicals take on Chinese history

    Kit Chan reprises her iconic role as the Empress Dowager one last time for the fourth staging of Forbidden City, while Nathan Hartono returns to ...
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    Pink Dot 2017 to have barricades, ID checks by security personnel

    The measures are to comply with recent changes to the Public Order Act that block foreigners from promoting political causes in Singapore, Pink ...
  5. Rive hongbao 2017 3

    River Hongbao Festival 2017 to feature 'modern elements': Organisers

    The River Hongbao (RHB) 2017 will incorporate an entrance walkaway which features a heart-shaped design and a main lantern-piece which showcases ...