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  1. ndp funpack 2

    NDP 2019 funpack to feature reusable items in nod to sustainability

  2. 2018 National Day Parade fireworks

    National Day Parade 2019 ticket applications open on Thursday

  3. ndp 2019 theme song screengrab

    NDP 2019 theme song combines familiar tunes We Will Get There, Our Singapore

  4. fireworks ndp 2015

    National Day Parade 2019 to be held at the Padang

  5. balloon garlands 5

    Sprints, heavy balloons and a lot of sweat: Preparing to be an NDP garland performer

    Think those balloon garlands you see gracefully swaying in this year’s National Day Parade show are a breeze to handle? It’s a lot harder than you ...
  6. NDP stage 1

    NDP 2018: Stage design brings spectators closer to Marina Bay

  7. NDP Jalan! App 3

    New NDP augmented reality mobile game aims to get Singaporeans out and about

  8. NDP funpack bag Halimah Yacob with student artist

    Special education students come together to design NDP 2018 funpacks

  9. Marina Bay Floating Platform

    Marina Bay floating platform to be redeveloped to serve as primary venue for National Day Parade

    It will be renamed NS Square as part of efforts to pay tribute to National Servicemen past and present.