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  1. Hong Kong's Tumultuous Future
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    Ep 11: Hong Kong's Tumultuous Future

    On 30 June 2020, China signed into law a controversial national security legislation for Hong Kong. The law gives Beijing unprecedented powers to ...
  2. The spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Tangerang

    Commentary: Sick until proven healthy? How COVID-19 could change airport security

    After the 9/11 attacks, global security measures focused on terrorism. Countering disease might see the same increased emphasis, says a ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and U.S. President Donald Trump sign "phase one"

    Trump blasts proposed restrictions on selling US jet parts to China

    U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday blasted proposals that could restrict U.S. companies' ability to supply jet engines and other components to ...
  4. Muhyiddin bernama

    Malaysia to review seven 'unsuitable' national security laws: Muhyiddin

    The Malaysian Home Ministry will review seven laws relating to national security that are no longer suitable in today’s landscape, said new Home ...