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  1. A man searches for belongings amongst debris in a destroyed neighborhood in the wake of Hurricane D

    Search for bodies continues in hurricane-ravaged Bahamas

    Rescue workers wearing white hazard suits continued their grim search for bodies and survivors in the hurricane-ravaged Bahamas on Monday, as ...
  2. Residents wait at the airport in hopes of evacuating the island in the wake of Hurricane Dorian in

    Alive but lost: In Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian survivors wonder what next

    Days after fleeing their crumbling home and breaking into a vacant apartment to take shelter while Hurricane Dorian rampaged over the Bahamas' ...
  3. Britain -- and most of Europe -- has been gripped by extreme cold weather and major snowfall

    Commentary: Extreme weather doesn't change the minds of climate change doubters

    Climate change coverage and messages are sending sceptics in the opposite direction, Ryan Weber, a professor at the University of Alabama points out.