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  1. A lion looks towards the Nairobi skyline  - the Living Planet Index warns that continued natural

    World wildlife plummets more than two-thirds in 50 years: Index

    Global animal, bird and fish populations have plummeted more than two-thirds in less than 50 years due to rampant over-consumption, experts said ...
  2. Flamingos stand in the water of Lake Nakuru

    Long-missed pink flamingos return to Kenya's Lake Nakuru

    Eight years ago, rising water levels in Kenya's Lake Nakuru drove away the clouds of pink coloured flamingos that were the park's biggest draw.
  3. Dr Lee Hui Mien

    Meet the sustainability champion steering Mandai's upcoming eco-tourism hub

    Dr Lee Hui Mien, vice president and team lead of sustainable solutions at Mandai Park Development (MPD), says that these unprecedented times are ...
  4. Hornbill in flight

    IN FOCUS: How urbanised Singapore is learning to live with its wildlife

    After the announcement this week of plans to create a new nature park network in the northern part of Singapore, CNA looks at the country's ...
  5. Cartier Surnaturel HERO

    In a pandemic, can nature-inspired designs teach us to appreciate Mother Earth?

    Nature has long inspired jewellery design. But it's time to translate our affinity for natural motifs into appreciation for Mother Nature’s real ...
  6. Green-Watches

    Why are watchmakers like Grand Seiko, IWC and Omega 'going green'?

    This year’s crop of mechanical watches sports green dials by the truckload. Could watchmakers be yearning for a closer connection to nature?
  7. Don’t just put a single orchid in the corner; instead, try a grouping of plants

    Cooped up indoors, self-isolating? There’s a reason you don’t feel well

    If you don’t have enough contact with the natural world, there can be emotional and physical costs. But you can reduce stress by bringing the ...
  8. Ang Song Nian, Marvin Tang, Robert Zhao Renhui, Zen Teh

    Singapore artists comment on man’s impact on nature and the environment

    The works of Ang Song Nian, Marvin Tang, Robert Zhao Renhui and Zen Teh explore the themes of nature and human intervention in Mizuma Gallery’s ...
  9. A jellyfish augmented with a microelectronics implant designed by researchers Nicole Xu and John Da

    Bionic jellyfish? Yes, and they are here to help

    It may sound more like science fiction than science fact, but researchers have created bionic jellyfish by embedding microelectronics into these ...