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  1. Wildlife officials use a tunnel of cages to capture a tiger and remove it from an enclosure

    Thai 'Tiger Temple' blames government for deaths of rescued tigers

  2. A conservationist keeps watch over porpoises at the Yangtze river near the city of Nanjing

    Fit for porpoise: China races to save last Yangtze river mammal

    On a short stretch of the Yangtze river, three sleek grey porpoises twist in muddy waters near the city of Nanjing, protected from passing barges ...
  3. The Wider Image: A climate-change frontier in the world's northernmost town

    On the front lines of climate change in the world's northernmost town

    Icebergs float liked doomed islands past the small boat as it makes its way through a fjord filled with the slush of a melting glacier.
  4. A baby gorilla plays in the branches of the Bayanga Equatorial Forest, part of the Dzanga-Sangha

    Hunters turn gamekeepers to help Central Africa's threatened wildlife

    Jean moves deftly through the tangle of roots and branches before waiting for the rainforest to give him a clue.
  5. A forest burns near Robore, Bolivia on August 24, 2019

    Morales under pressure over Bolivia's Amazon fires

    Like his far-right rival President Jair Bolsonaro in neighboring Brazil, Bolivia's leftist leader Evo Morales is facing mounting fury from ...
  6. Light illuminates an aquarium full of Pillar coral (Dendrogyra cylindricus) just a few days before

    Florida scientists induce spawning of Atlantic coral in lab for first time

    Scientists in Florida have artificially induced reproductive spawning of an endangered Atlantic coral species for the first time in an aquarium ...
  7. File photo of otter

    'Otterly adorable'? Demand for cute selfies puts animals at risk

  8. humpback whale sea lion

    Rare photo captures sea lion falling into mouth of whale

  9. FILE PHOTO: Pacific black brant fly past Mount Dutton over the Izembek Lagoon in the Izembek Nation

    Trump administration swaps land to cut road through Alaska wildlife refuge

    The Trump administration has resurrected a plan to carve a road through a national wildlife refuge in Alaska, less than four months after a ...