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  1. humpback whale sea lion

    Rare photo captures sea lion falling into mouth of whale

  2. FILE PHOTO: Pacific black brant fly past Mount Dutton over the Izembek Lagoon in the Izembek Nation

    Trump administration swaps land to cut road through Alaska wildlife refuge

    The Trump administration has resurrected a plan to carve a road through a national wildlife refuge in Alaska, less than four months after a ...
  3. Villagers carry a deer after rescuing it from floodwaters in Kaziranga National Park

    Rare rhinos among more than 200 animals killed by India floods

    Devastating floods have killed more than 200 wild animals -- including 17 threatened one-horned rhinos -- in one of India's best-known national ...
  4. Mange has wiped out more than 90 percent of bare-nosed wombats in a single national park in Tasmania

    Australian drug offers hope for stamping out wombat-killing disease

    A disease that has ravaged wombats in southern Australia could be brought under control using a treatment commonly applied by pet owners on cats ...
  5. Sunset in Costa Rica

    Travel diaries: Experiencing the wild magic of Tanzania and Costa Rica as a couple

    A pair of photography enthusiasts travel the world, driven by their shared desire to capture the natural wonders as Mother Nature intended. This ...
  6. Tam the rhinoceros

    Malaysia’s last male Sumatran rhino dies

  7. Why some doctors are prescribing a day in the park for good health

    Commentary: Why some doctors are prescribing a day in the park for good health

    Better health could literally be as easy as a walk in the park, says Texas A&M University's Jay Maddock.