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  1. A Kakapo parrot named "Hoki" is seen in this still image taken from undated social media

    Endangered New Zealand Kakapo population boosted by record number of chicks

    A record number of endangered flightless Kakapo birds have hatched during New Zealand's unusually long 2019 breeding season, dramatically boosting ...
  2. trail1

    Walking the NParks 36km Coast-to-Coast trail: Worth the effort?

    What is it like to walk along the new Coast-to-Coast trail? CNA's Darius Boey took a leisurely two days to experience the sights, sounds and ...
  3. Great white shark is seen in the waters near Guadalupe Island off the coast of Mexico

    The real 'Jaws': Great white shark's genetic secrets revealed

    The great white shark, one of the most fearsome predators in the world's oceans in both fact and fiction, is a formidable creature - right down to ...
  4. Adopt an olive tree

    Adopt an olive tree - and breathe new life into Spanish village

  5. FILE PHOTO: Penguins walk along a path on Danco Island, Antarctica

    As polar seas heat up, mammals will find less slow, stupid prey

    Global warming will make life harder for mammals and birds hunting in polar seas by perking up fish that were slow, stupid and easy to catch in ...
  6. A Daohugou pterosaur based on Jurassic Period fossils unearthed in China is seen in this illustrati

    Wondrous extinct flying reptiles boasted rudimentary feathers

    A microscopic examination of fossils from China has revealed that the fur-like body covering of pterosaurs, the remarkable flying reptiles that ...
  7. Gardens by the Bay - Wendy 1

    Japanese-themed garden, floral exhibit among new attractions at Gardens by the Bay

  8. Artificial reef structure

    Artificial reef installed to help marine life thrive around Sisters’ Islands

    The 10m-high structure made of concrete and fibreglass will help marine life settle into the protected waters around Sisters’ Islands Marine Park.
  9. Humpback whale

    Nature pushed to the brink by 'runaway consumption'