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  1. Researchers found a clear bias towards male specimens in museum collections of animals and birds

    Male specimens preferred by animal collectors: Study

    Museum collections of birds and mammals may be disproportionately skewed to favour males, even if female members of the species outnumber males in ...
  2. Wildlife photographer of the year overall winner Yongqing Bao

    Image of fox startling marmot wins wildlife photography prize

  3. NParks, LTA piloting video analytics system to reduce roadkill | Video
    Media playtime

    NParks, LTA piloting video analytics system to reduce roadkill | Video

    A system that warns motorists when animals are crossing the road is being trialed along Old Upper Thomson Road. This was announced at the official ...
  4. Thomson Nature Park

    Singapore's seventh nature park opens in Thomson, with site of former village on its grounds

  5. Full Grown field manager Ed Lound saws a tree which has been growing for six years into the shape o

    From tree to chair without the carpentry: UK couple grows furniture

    On a two-acre field in England's Midlands, Gavin and Alice Munro are taking sustainability to the next level: They harvest trees which they train ...
  6. Wildlife officials use a tunnel of cages to capture a tiger and remove it from an enclosure

    Thai 'Tiger Temple' blames government for deaths of rescued tigers

  7. A conservationist keeps watch over porpoises at the Yangtze river near the city of Nanjing

    Fit for porpoise: China races to save last Yangtze river mammal

    On a short stretch of the Yangtze river, three sleek grey porpoises twist in muddy waters near the city of Nanjing, protected from passing barges ...
  8. The Wider Image: A climate-change frontier in the world's northernmost town

    On the front lines of climate change in the world's northernmost town

    Icebergs float liked doomed islands past the small boat as it makes its way through a fjord filled with the slush of a melting glacier.