NDR 2018

NDR 2018

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  1. Hawker Chan char siew

    Commentary: UNESCO listing may lift hawker culture but saving it is a different challenge

    The bid to list Singapore hawkers may help preserve hawker culture as a distinctive expression of Singapore’s customs but continued efforts are ...
  2. hdb 99 year lease file photo

    Commentary: Windfalls and bailouts should not be an expected part of the public housing equation

    Let’s not depend on our flats receiving VERS in making prudent housing decisions, says Channel NewsAsia’s Bharati Jagdish.
  3. Distinctive HDBs (8)

    Commentary: Strong political commitment to housing is precisely what younger Singaporeans need

    The Government’s commitment to long-term planning shown at this National Day Rally will be needed to continue the work of town redevelopment, and ...
  4. Lawrence Wong

    ‘It would be rash to rush into details now’: Lawrence Wong on new housing policy VERS

  5. New Content Item

    Owners of old HDB flats now know ‘there is some future': Experts on new housing schemes

  6. Distinctive HDBs (18)

    Lease Buyback Scheme to be extended to all HDB flats: Lawrence Wong

  7. Lee Hsien Loong waving goodbye NDR 2018

    NDR 2018: ‘Ambitious’ housing, healthcare plans are ‘fundamental commitments’ to Singaporeans, says PM Lee

    The Prime Minister outlined plans to extend the CHAS scheme to all Singaporeans regardless of income, set up a Merdeka Generation Package and ...
  8. Lee Hsien Loong NDR 2018 wideshot 2

    National Day Rally 2018: The 8 things you need to know

    Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced several new housing and healthcare schemes at the National Day Rally. Here are the key points of his address.
  9. Distinctive HDBs (4)

    NDR 2018: Scheme planned to redevelop more old HDB flats before leases end

    Residents would need to vote for the Voluntary Early Redevelopment Scheme (VERS), which will take place when their flats reach about 70 years of age.